Photos to stir your soul

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Capturing the moments that make your heart flutter

I don’t know about you, but my very favourite photos are the ones that bring me back to how I felt in the moment.

That’s why I love working with couples who are adventurous, open-hearted, and completely besotted with each other. Because as a documentary wedding photographer, I won’t just move you from pose to pose for the sake of a photo. Together we’ll enjoy every second of the best day of your lives. And I’ll capture those moments for you to relive forever.

I’m Katie. A True Love believing, musical theatre loving, adventure craving, wedding-obsessed wedding photographer from Portsmouth!

Hey there!

Love climbing mountains and going for long country walks. You also get bonus points if you have a dog in tow (OK, so I don't have a dog, but I’d definitely love to meet yours!)

Love to dance! I love nothing more than joining a packed-out dance floor at the end of a wedding day!

Are musical theatre nerds. I grew up around the stage and have been known to tread the boards myself. But if it's not your jam, don’t worry. I promise I won't sing at you (unless you ask!)


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